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Mereoleona Takes On The Ancient Demon! | Black Clover Ch 274

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2020)

Black Clover Ch 274 is out & review of this chapter titled “The Battle Begins” here. Nacht shows up with the group Spade Assaults’ Squad, Fuegoleon askes where is Asta? He replies that he Asta is going to take some more time. Sally and other members appears they were for shadowed in the earlier chapters.

Sally learned some new things after researching on Asta, as he had promised here earlier if she becomes good. Then we see K-pop reference and Seki thinking about spending his time with girls and Nacht telling him to sacrifice for good cause. Yuno with a lot confidence says that he is gonna end every thing even before Asta arrives. It Nozel says that It’s going to be us. Nacht then uses Shadow Magic Shadow Corridor to teleport everyone to the Spade Kingdom. Then we see the members of the resistance challenging the Dark Triade. They Says 17 years ago you killed our King and comrade, we can never forgive you for these things.

Mereoleona Takes On The Ancient Demon! | Black Clover Ch 274
(Photo: Shueisha)

Then we have some flash back conversation with Ralph and Nacht. Every one headon attacks.

The Ancient Demon! Appears

Then we see the earth-shaking and something emerging from the ground. The Ancient Demon! Appears from the ground and resistance members become shocked after recognizing it. It can be possible that the demon was not the exact same one we saw in the starting of the series. When Licht is possessed by Demon he also changed into something like that. The Triade is basically killing the innocent citizens of the Spade Kingdom. Then Zenon says let the ritual of Qlipoth begins.

Nacht says we are fine, someone shows up firstly ahead of everyone punches it in the face. It was no other Mereoleona. Then she says I Mereoleona Vermillion Clover Kingdom Noble will lend you a hand. This shows that she has become stronger from last time and I really liked this panel and really look forward to reading the next Black clover chapter 275 to see the fight between Mereoleona & Ancient Demon.

So this was the Black Clover Chapter 268 you can read this for free on

So this was the Black Clover Chapter 274 you can read this for free on

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