Meru Nukumi Joins Cast of Provocative Tanaka-san Live-Action Series”

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2023)

On Thursday, NTV made an exciting announcement, revealing Meru Nukumi’s selection as Akari Kurahashi in the live-action adaptation of Hinako Ashihara’s manga “Sexy Tanaka-san.” Alongside this news, a fresh visual was unveiled, showcasing Haruka Kinami as the main character, Kyōko Tanaka, and Nukumi as Akari.

Guiding the series are directors Ryūichi Inomata and Akinori Itō, while the scripts are skillfully penned by Tomoko Aizawa. Anticipation builds as the premiere is set for this coming October.

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Tanaka-san Live-Action Series"

The manga’s narrative orbits around two distinct women: Kyōko, a diligent office worker in her forties, who secretly embraces the persona of a belly dancer named Sali. Counterpart to her is Akari, a charming 23-year-old temporary worker and Kyōko’s colleague, earnestly in pursuit of a marital bond.

With an unwavering belief in her youth and charm as her prime assets, Akari traverses through various social gatherings, feeling the pressure of time slipping away, and wrestling with emptiness and solitude. An unexpected discovery about Kyōko’s double life sparks a change within Akari, gradually cultivating admiration for her older colleague.

Ashihara introduced the manga through Shogakukan’s Anikei Petite Comic magazine back in 2018, an ongoing creation that has now reached its sixth compiled volume released on February 9th.

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Notably, Viz Media has previously brought Ashihara’s works to English readers, including the 10-volume “Sand Chronicles,” the single-volume collection of short stories, “SOS,” and the four-volume “Forbidden Dance,” all of which have been warmly received. Additionally, Ashihara’s “Piece” manga served as the inspiration for a live-action TV series in 2012.


Sources | NTVComic Natalie

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