Metallic Rouge: Sci-fi Anime Features Dynamic Protagonist Duo

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2023)

The Metallic Rouge original TV anime has recently released an exciting promotional video on its official website. This captivating video was first showcased at Anime Expo on Sunday, and now fans can enjoy it online.

The footage brilliantly showcases the anime’s main characters: Rouge, the android girl, and her partner Naomi. Additionally, it reveals their formidable adversaries, the Immortal Nine, a group of nine rebellious androids who serve as their targets.

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The upcoming anime is set to debut on Fuji TV’s +Ultra Block in January 2024. Crunchyroll will globally stream the series, excluding Asia, simultaneously with its release in Japan.

This captivating “tech noir” anime delves into a world where humans and androids coexist. The enthralling narrative revolves around Rouge, an android girl, who embarks on a crucial mission on Mars alongside her partner Naomi. Their objective: eliminate nine hostile artificial humans, vehement adversaries of the government.

Renowned director Motonobu Hori (known for Carole & Tuesday) leads the anime’s production at BONES, ensuring a compelling visual experience. Yutaka Izubuchi (acclaimed for Mobile Police Patlabor mecha design, Star Blazers 2199, RahXephon) serves as the series’ mastermind, handling both the series composition and assuming the role of chief director. Toshizo Nemoto (renowned for Macross Delta) skillfully crafts the screenplays, fueling the engrossing storyline. The esteemed Toshihiro Kawamoto (noted for Cowboy Bebop) takes charge of character design, breathing life into the diverse cast. Complementing the captivating visuals, Taisei Iwasaki (acclaimed for BELLE) composes an enchanting musical score, further enhancing the anime’s immersive world.


Source: Metallic Rouge anime’s website

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