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Minato’s Laundromat Team Ventures into Boys-Love Manga, Debuting July 7

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2023)

Last Thursday, the Gene pixiv manga website’s official Twitter account shared exciting news. Waka Kakitsubata, the artist behind “My Sweet Tyrant,” and Yuzu Tsubaki, the writer of “Minato’s Laundromat,” joined forces to create a brand-new manga called “Keyaki Shōtengai Sakura no Yu” (Sakura Hot Bath in Keyaki Shopping District). This highly anticipated manga is set to debut on the website on July 7th, delighting fans with their collaborative masterpiece.

The manga revolves around Tatsumi Azuma, a charismatic third-year high school student known for his exceptional communication abilities, and Shunpei Eguchi, a rugged second-year student. A chance encounter leads Tatsumi to unintentionally injure Shunpei’s hand. Worried about potential repercussions, Tatsumi impulsively offers to compensate for the injury in any way possible. Seizing the opportunity, Shunpei requests Tatsumi’s assistance at his family’s public bathhouse. Thus, a heartwarming tale between the two protagonists unfolds.

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Kakitsubata debuted Akkun to Kanojo in Kadokawa’s monthly josei magazine, Monthly Comic Gene, in June 2013. The eighth and final compiled volume was published by Kadokawa in June 2018. This manga served as the inspiration for a series of anime shorts that aired in April 2018. Crunchyroll streamed the anime adaptation titled My Sweet Tyrant.

Minato's Laundromat

In December 2019, Tsubaki and Sawa Kanzume launched Minato’s Laundromat (Minato Shōji Coin Laundry) manga on the Gene pixiv manga website. The manga’s fourth compiled volume was released on January 27 by Kadokawa. Tsubaki also wrote three novels based on the manga, featuring illustrations by Kanzume. The third novel was released on April 27. Yen Press has acquired the license for the manga and will begin its release this autumn.

The second season of the live-action series adaptation of the manga is set to premiere in Japan in July. The first season of the series initially aired in July 2022 and stars Takuya Kusakawa and Sho Nisigaki.


Source | Gene pixiv manga website’s Twitter account

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