Moka Kamishiraishi cast as Eiko in ‘Ya Boy Kongming!’ Live-Action Series

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2023)

On Wednesday, Fuji TV revealed that the upcoming live-action adaptation of Yuto Yotsuba and Ryō Ogawa’s manga Ya Boy Kongming! (Paripi Kōmei) has enlisted Moka Kamishiraishi (known for her role in Mirai and the live-action 3D Kanojo Real Girl) to portray Eiko, the series’ lead character.

Eiko, a talented musician, singer, and entertainer, will be brought to life by Kamishiraishi in this highly anticipated production.

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In the image below, Kamishiraishi can also be spotted, appearing alongside Osamu Mukai, a previously announced cast member. Mukai is seen on the left, donning the costume of his character Shokatsu Kōmei, who is better known in history as Zhuge Liang (Zhuge Kongming).

Ya Boy Kongming

Shūhei Shibue, alongside Nonji Nemoto as the scriptwriter, will helm the upcoming series, set to debut this autumn on Fuji TV. The highly anticipated show is scheduled to air on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. (9:00 a.m. EDT), occupying the coveted “Shinsui 10 Drama” timeslot on Fuji TV.

Kodansha USA Publishing commenced digital English publication of the manga on June 1, depicting the story as follows: Kongming, the valiant strategist who confronted innumerable battles throughout his lifetime, yearned for rebirth in a tranquil world on his deathbed. Astonishingly, he found himself transported to the lively heart of modern-day Tokyo, brimming with exuberant festivities! Can a brilliant mind like Kongming’s adapt to the pulsating rhythm of this spirited metropolis and its vivacious inhabitants?

The manga initially debuted on Kodansha’s Comic Days website in December 2019 and later joined the lineup of Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine in November 2021. On April 6, Kodansha shipped the 13th compiled volume of the series. Kodansha USA Publishing released the 10th volume on February 21.

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The manga’s captivating narrative served as inspiration for an animated television series that premiered in April 2022. HIDIVE exclusively streamed the series, offering both the original Japanese version and an English dub. Sentai Filmworks acquired the license for the anime and released it on home video on April 18.


Sources | Fuji TVComic Natalie via Otakomu

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