Momoko Tanabe & Rinka Kumada star in live-action ‘Kocchi Muite yo Mukai-kun

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2023)

NTV’s official website for the live-action adaptation of Yōko Nemu’s manga, Kocchi Muite yo Mukai-kun (Turn to Me Mukai-kun), unveiled two new additions to the cast lineup. Momoko Tanabe has been chosen for the role of Mayu Nakatani (pictured left below), an employee at Mukai’s company, while Rinka Kumada will portray Anne Hatori, a part-time worker at Genki Takeda’s curry restaurant, Mukai’s brother-in-law.

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Eiji Akaso, seen on the left in the image below, portrays the central character Satoru Mukai, while Erika Ikuta, featured on the right, embodies the role of Miwako Tōdō.

Momoko Tanabe and Rinka Kumada to star

The ensemble further comprises:

  • Sakura Fujiwara as Mami Takeda, the younger sister of Satoru Mukai
  • Amane Okayama as Genki Takeda, Mami’s spouse
  • Naomi Zaizen as Kimiko Mukai, the mother of Satoru and Mami

Shōgo Kusano and Yoshinori Shigeyama take the helm as directors, while Mako Watanabe lends their scripting talents to the upcoming series set to debut in July. This manga follows Mukai-kun, a 35-year-old office worker who has remained single for a decade and still holds onto feelings for his former girlfriend, Miwako. Amidst his daily grind, Mukai-kun’s attention is captivated by Nakatani-san, a temporary employee. Balancing between an enduring flame he can’t release and an intriguing new encounter, Mukai-kun embarks on a love game of “spot the difference.”

Nemu debuted the manga in Feel Young magazine in June 2020, while Shodensha released the fifth compiled volume on May 8.

Furthermore, Nemu’s manga titled “3 a.m. Dangerous Zone” received a television series adaptation in 2013. The manga originally premiered in Feel Young in 2008, followed by three compiled volumes published by Shodensha.

In addition, Nemu launched “The Delinquent Housewife!” manga in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirits magazine in 2015. Shogakukan concluded the series with the fourth and final volume in January 2017. Vertical, the licensed publisher, introduced the first English volume in September 2018 and released the fourth and final volume in March 2019.


Sources: Kocchi Muite yo Mukai-kun live-action series’ websiteComic Natalie

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