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“Monday’s Tawawa” Manga will be Suspended for about 2 Months

On the 25th, it was revealed that “Tawawa on Monday”, which is being serialized in Weekly Young Magazine (Kodansha), will be suspended for about two months. It was announced in the 21.22 merger issue of “Weekly Young Magazine” released on the same day.

The reason for the suspension was not explained, and the resumption is stated as No. 29 released on June 20th. This is not the first time this work has been suspended. A person in charge of the company’s advertising department responded to the news interview that “this suspension is on schedule originally planned.”

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“Monday’s Tawawa” is an illustration uploaded by manga artist Kiseki Himura on his Twitter every Monday, and was serialized in “Weekly Young Magazine” from November 2020. An animation was broadcast on YouTube and Niconico Channel in 2016 and on ABEMA last year.

In the Nihon Keizai Shimbun dated April 3, an illustration of “Ai-chan”, a high school girl in uniform who boasts an I-cup bust, which is the main character of the same work, is posted on the full-page advertisement. The protests by the United Nations Women’s Organization were controversial.


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