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Muse Asia Adds “In Search of the Lost Future”! Anime Starting 20th September

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2020)

Muse Asia on Saturday announced on their official Instagram account that they are going to add a new anime title to their YouTube channel. That anime title is “In Search of the Lost Future”! starting from 20th September.

 In Search of the Lost Future 🔮

We know you guys have been waiting to know what’s the next title!
Coming up next will be “In Search of the Lost Future”!

The title will be coming to Muse Asia, daily at 8 pm (GMT +8), from 20 September to 01 October September~

Muse Asia official Instagram

About “In Search of the Lost Future”!

In Search of the Lost Future, subtitled À la recherche du futur perdu, sometimes abbreviated as Waremete, is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Trumple and released for Windows on November 26, 2010. The title is derived from In Search of Lost Time, a French novel written by Marcel Proust.

When the student council gets worried about the strange events happening at Uchihama Academy, they enlist the aid of the Astronomy Club to crack the case. One night, club member Sou Akiyama is rocked by a sudden earthquake—and an encounter with a mysterious girl. In the blink of an eye, Sou’s fate—along with the fates of all the pretty girls in his club—being to change dramatically! (Crunchyroll)

Source – Muse Asia Instagram account

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