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Muse India To Release ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ Anime Series Daily on YouTube

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2023)

Muse India made a riveting announcement on Friday, confirming that they will be streaming the popular anime series, ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ (Tantei wa Mō, Shindeiru.) based on the light novel series by Nigojū and Umibōzu. The series will be available as a daily upload on YouTube, broadening accessibility for anime fans across the globe.

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‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ revolves around the intriguing life of Kimihiko Kimizuka, who, by his own admission, is a trouble magnet. His life takes an extraordinary turn when he is kidnapped and subsequently encounters a hijack situation on an airplane. Amidst the chaos, Kimizuka meets a beautiful, silver-haired woman named Siesta, who miraculously saves the day.

Siesta, a self-proclaimed legendary detective, ropes in Kimizuka as her assistant. After an initial refusal, Kimizuka eventually becomes an integral part of an exhilarating global adventure. Together, they ward off threats that could endanger humanity.

However, their thrilling journey takes a tragic turn when Siesta suddenly passes away. Although Kimizuka attempts to forget his past, he finds that Siesta’s influence continues to shape his encounters with others.

Originally premiered as a one-hour special on AT-X channel in Japan in July 2021, the anime series spanned 12 episodes. Muse Asia had previously streamed the series in India concurrently with the Japan release. However, the streaming was halted in October 2021.

Fans of ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ will be delighted to know that the anime series is set to return with a second season. With its daily uploads on YouTube, Muse India aims to bring the intriguing world of Kimizuka and Siesta to a wider audience, continuing the legacy of this beloved series.


Source – Muse India Instagram

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