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My Dress-Up Darling Manga’s Current Arc Adopts Monthly Ch Schedule

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2023)

In a recent update, the 17th release of Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine on August 18 brought forth intriguing news about Shinichi Fukuda’s manga, My Dress-Up Darling (Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru). The manga will be undergoing a temporary shift to monthly serialization due to the ongoing “Tenmei” (Mandate of Heaven) arc.

The reason behind this change is the author’s decision to expand the page count per chapter for this particular arc. Enthusiasts can anticipate the next chapter’s arrival in the magazine’s 19th issue, scheduled for September 15. This development comes subsequent to the inauguration of the “Tenmei” arc with its 86th chapter on January 6 earlier this year.

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Facilitated by Square Enix Manga & Books, the English publication of the manga provides the following synopsis: The story revolves around Wakana Gojō, an aspirant doll artisan who has been scarred by a childhood incident involving his affection for traditional dolls. Preferring solitude, he discovers solace in his high school’s home economics room.

My Dress-Up Darling Manga's

The presence of Marin Kitagawa, an alluring girl encircled by a clique of friends, seems alien to Wakana’s world. However, Marin’s cheerful and unabashed demeanor leads her to stumble upon Wakana sewing after school. This prompts her to introduce her reserved classmate to her covert hobby of cosplay.

Debuting in January 2018 within Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine, the manga has achieved milestones, with the 11th compiled volume released on March 25 and the 12th volume scheduled for publication on September 25. The English audience has also been catered to, as Square Enix Manga & Books recently presented the ninth volume’s English version on July 18.

Moreover, the manga’s success has spawned a television anime that premiered in January 2022. Spanning 12 episodes, the anime was streamed by Funimation both in its original Japanese format and with an English dub.

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Crunchyroll also facilitated the streaming of the anime along with its English dubbed version. Notably, plans for an anime sequel are already in motion.


Source | Young Gangan issue 17

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