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My Happy Marriage Gets Live-Action Adaptation, Premier Spring 2023

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2022)

The popular work “My Happy Marriage”, whose cumulative circulation of novels and comics have exceeded 4 million, will be released as a live-action movie in the spring of 2023. It was announced on April 25 that Mio Imada will play the heroine in addition to Ren Meguro (SnowMan), who will star in the movie for the first time.

Kiyoka Kudo, played by Meguro, has the role of “a man with a beautiful appearance that you can’t think of as a man, but the owner of a well-known family who is said to be ruthless and ruthless.”

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Meguro commented that she enjoyed shooting in retro sets and costumes while being afraid that “she couldn’t think of herself a while ago” for her big role in her first movie solo starring.

“It’s pure love, but it has action and fantasy elements, and it’s full of things that can only be experienced in this work.” “I played it seriously and with all my heart, so please watch it. I hope you can. “

On the other hand, Mr. Imada takes on the role of Miyo Saimori, a tragic heroine who is ephemeral and sad, turning from the cheerful image of a cheerful and smiling face that he has played so far.

While confessing that he was “honestly uneasy” about the challenge to the new frontier, he emphasized that he was able to sympathize with Miyo’s feelings by reading the original. Thank you very much for your kindness. “

This work will be serialized on the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist”, and novels and comics will be published in 2019. Set in a fictional era with the atmosphere of the Meiji and Taisho eras, a heroine who has been oppressed by her family due to her incompetence and upbringing meets a man who believes in herself and loves her.

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By doing so, the content is to open up a new fate. It was named “Japanese Cinderella” and was announced to be animated on the 5th.

In the tag of seasonal contents and cast, related words have entered the trend on Twitter, and “#My Happy Marriage” is at the top. Especially from Meguro’s fans, “If you don’t prepare for Meguro’s heart, you’ll be blown away by a shock from now on.” Thank you! “


Source: Anime News Network

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