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My Hero Academia” Breaks Free with an Epic “Impel Down” Style Jailbreak

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2023)

The world of My Hero Academia is in chaos following the recent epic battle between the Hero Association and the Paranormal Liberation Front. Although the heroes technically emerged victorious, they suffered heavy losses, leaving them with limited resources to combat the continued villainous rampage.

The villains have taken a page out of One Piece’s Impel Down Arc playbook, with their latest exploit reminiscent of Luffy’s daring mission to rescue his brother Ace from the most secure prison in the series.

In the Impel Down Arc, Luffy bravely infiltrates the prison alone to save his beloved brother. As he navigates the treacherous depths of the facility, he encounters a host of old friends who lend him their aid in his quest. Although he ultimately arrives too late to save Ace, Luffy accomplishes the impossible by escaping from the supposedly impenetrable Impel Down.

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From Superpowered Mayhem to Devilish Escapes

Just like in One Piece, My Hero Academia’s latest arc features a thrilling prison break. But while One Piece’s breakout is led by the main character, My Hero Academia has its main villain, All For One, at the helm. In a daring move, All For One, who has taken over Shigaraki’s body, unleashes a legion of Nomu to wreak havoc on Tartarus prison. He uses Shigaraki’s unique quirks to dismantle the prison’s defense system and searches for his own body.

Unlike One Piece’s sympathetic cause of saving Luffy’s brother Ace, All For One’s goal is far from noble. His escape would only bring more danger to the beloved characters of My Hero Academia. However, both prison breaks have one thing in common – the release of dangerous criminals. It remains to be seen how this will affect the future of the series.

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What One Piece’s Impel Down Arc Reveals About the Future of My Hero Academia

In the latest episode of My Hero Academia, we saw the infamous villains escaping from the supposedly impregnable prison. While they joined forces to create chaos, we are left wondering about their next move. But fear not, One Piece can shed some light on this.

All For One has already demonstrated his leadership skills and is no stranger to building an army. With his insatiable greed and influence, he is likely to follow in the footsteps of Blackbeard, recruiting as many despicable characters as he can. He might offer them powers in exchange for their services, assuming he hasn’t already done so.


However, like One Piece, not all villains will join the Paranormal Liberation Front. Kai Chisaki’s history with the League of Villains is a prime example of this. Some of the escaped villains may form their own organization, akin to what Buggy did, or perhaps they’ll simply go rogue. What’s certain is that they won’t keep a low profile, especially as the world of My Hero Academia continues to be rocked by one revelation after another.

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