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My Hero Academia Chapter 393 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2023)

Excitement is building among fans of My Hero Academia as the release of Chapter 393 draws near. Social media platforms like Twitter are buzzing with discussions about the anticipated showdown between Ochako and Toga. As is customary before the official release, leaks and spoilers have started surfacing online a couple of days in advance, adding to the excitement and speculation among fans.

Chapter 393 is scheduled to be released in Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #32 on Monday at 00:00 AM JST. Originally slated for release a week earlier, the chapter was delayed due to the author’s poor health condition. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting the official release to dive into the latest developments of the story.

My Hero Academia Chapter 392 Recap

Before delving into the spoilers for Chapter 393, let’s recap what happened in Chapter 392. The previous chapter showcased the intensifying battle between Uravity (Ochako) and Toga. Amidst the fight, readers were treated to a flashback of Toga’s past, shedding light on her struggles to fit into her family. Toga’s bloodlust and misunderstood nature were highlighted, leading to a deeper understanding of her character.

Chapter 393 Spoilers: Ochako’s Quirk Awakening

In Chapter 393, titled “A Girl’s Ego,” the chapter will consist of 17 pages and include two spreads. The chapter begins with a flashback featuring the League of Villains discussing their villain pseudonyms. Interestingly, Toga and Shigaraki are the only ones without such pseudonyms.

The discussion leads to a realization that the names they considered were from a time before Quirks existed, implying that the series is set in the far future after Quirks came into existence.

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Returning to the present, the focus shifts to Ochako, who has been stabbed by Toga. Despite her injury, Ochako manages to touch Toga and activate her Zero Gravity quirk. However, she deliberately allows herself to be touched as it aligns with her plan.

Toga, realizing that Ochako’s sympathy after the war will eventually lead to her imprisonment, activates her “Dead Man’s Legion” technique. This results in the creation of clones of other heroes, who attack Ochako.

Despite her severe injuries, Ochako defends herself. She recognizes that while Toga’s actions are unforgivable, her environment has played a role in shaping her behavior. In a moment of confrontation, Ochako’s fingers start to sparkle, and a lightning-like aura spreads through the field.

Jiro realizes that Ochako has undergone a quirk awakening, enabling her to affect multiple targets with an area-of-effect (AOE) ability. This power manifests as a shockwave, and Ochako no longer needs physical contact to utilize her Zero Gravity quirk.

Chapter 393 concludes with Ochako extending her hand to Toga, offering her arm so that Toga can drink her blood and, hopefully, find solace.

Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 393?

For those eager to read My Hero Academia Chapter 393, the official sources are Viz Media’s website and the Manga Plus app. Supporting the series by reading it through official channels and, if available, purchasing a copy in your area not only provides access to the latest chapters but also encourages the author to continue crafting captivating stories.


Stay tuned for more updates on Chapter 393 of My Hero Academia as additional information becomes available. The battle between Ochako and Toga promises to be a significant turning point in the series, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the outcome.

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