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My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Spoilers, Release Date, & More!

Chapter 403 of My Hero Academia is a poignant exploration of All Might’s origins and the current life-threatening situation he faces. The chapter opens with a flashback to All Might’s childhood, where he recalls reading Anpanman manga with his mother. He reflects on the importance of his seemingly ordinary upbringing, highlighting the significance of the path he eventually chose.

Returning to the present, All Might finds himself in a dire situation. All For One has already disabled All Might’s gauntlet, anticipating his desperate move. All For One further uses Stain’s quirk to paralyze All Might, leaving him defenseless.

As the battle intensifies, Gentle expresses his desire to assist All Might, but All For One’s destructive power forces him to prioritize the safety of U.A. High School. The situation becomes increasingly grim as All For One launches a devastating attack on All Might.

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In the midst of the chaos, viewers from all around the city watch the unfolding events on television. While some continue to support All Might, others have resigned themselves to the apparent inevitability of his defeat. Among the onlookers are familiar faces like Melissa and Gran Torino, highlighting the widespread impact of this critical moment.

Then, a sudden explosion erupts at U.A., catching Deku’s attention. To his astonishment, he sees Bakugo standing amidst the chaos, covered in blood but resolute. Bakugo holds All Might’s trading card, symbolizing a powerful connection between them.

The chapter culminates in a poignant double spread, juxtaposing young Deku and Bakugo, each holding All Might’s card. The title of the chapter, “The Beginning,” signals a significant turning point in the narrative.

My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 403 is set to be released next week without any breaks, providing eager fans with the continuation of this intense storyline.

Fans can read My Hero Academia Chapter 403 on official platforms like Viz Media and Manga Plus once it is released.


Chapter 403 of My Hero Academia delivers a powerful combination of character development and high-stakes action. All Might’s reflections on his childhood and the contrast with the current life-or-death situation he faces serve as a poignant reminder of the journey he has undertaken.


The unexpected return of Bakugo injects a new layer of suspense and emotion into the narrative, setting the stage for further dramatic developments in the upcoming chapters. The title, “The Beginning,” hints at a significant shift in the story, leaving readers eagerly anticipating what comes next.

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