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My Hero Academia Prequel Manga Getting Anime Adaptation

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2023)

Fans of the immensely popular My Hero Academia franchise have been eagerly anticipating updates on its future. Currently, the series has already enjoyed six successful anime seasons, with the highly-anticipated seventh season, potentially the last of the series, currently in production. However, it seems that the production committee has already set its sights on the next project. According to recent reports, My Hero Academia: Vigilante, a spin-off manga series set in the same universe as the main series, is set to receive its own anime adaptation.

My Hero Academia: Vigilante takes place a few years before the events of the main series and offers an intriguing and unique perspective. It revolves around the lives of ordinary individuals who have decided to take up the mantle of crime-fighting outside the confines of the law. The story primarily follows Koichi Haimawari, also known as “The Crawler,” who possesses the Quirk “Slide and Glide” enabling him to swiftly maneuver on the ground. Joined by his friend Kazuho Haneyama, or “PopStep,” who possesses the power of incredible jumping ability, and the fearless Knuckleduster, who lacks a Quirk but compensates with extraordinary strength, they embark on their own journey to uphold justice.

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While specific details about the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia: Vigilante remain scarce, it has been confirmed that production is underway. Unfortunately, the source hasn’t divulged which anime studio will be responsible for bringing this thrilling spin-off to life or provided information about the format of the series.

My Hero Academia Prequel Manga Getting Anime Adaptation

One of the standout features of My Hero Academia Vigilante is its departure from the traditional hero narrative seen in the main series. With a darker tone, the spin-off explores the lives of ordinary civilians caught in the crossfire of villainous activities. This shift in focus creates a more emotionally engaging experience for both readers and the heroes themselves.

Additionally, fans will be delighted to see beloved characters like All Might and Aizawa in action. While the main series mostly portrays them in their roles as teachers, Vigilante showcases their heroic exploits during their prime. Furthermore, the spin-off sheds light on international heroes, providing a glimpse into the hero culture beyond Japan, an aspect that receives limited attention in the main series.

Although this information is still considered a leak and awaits official confirmation, the prospect of a My Hero Academia: Vigilante anime adaptation has already ignited anticipation among fans. As we eagerly await further details, it is essential to approach this news with caution until an official announcement is made. Rest assured, we will keep you updated on any developments regarding this thrilling spin-off. So, stay tuned for more exciting news on My Hero Academia: Vigilante’s potential anime adaptation.


Source: Anime Senpai

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