My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia Reveals Toga’s Lack of Villain Name

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2023)

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia delves into the intriguing reason behind Toga’s absence of a villain name. As the intense battle between Himiko Toga and Ochaco Uraraka rages on in the ultimate clash between heroes and villains, readers finally discover the truth behind Toga’s decision. Unlike her counterparts in the League of Villains, Toga has always embraced her true self without the need for a fabricated persona, making her a unique and genuine character.

Within the pages of My Hero Academia, Toga’s villainous nature is explored further as her confrontation with Ochaco unfolds. Earlier hints suggested that fans would be treated to Toga’s official villain name. However, it turns out to be a clever misdirection. In the newest chapter, it is revealed that Toga consciously chose not to adopt an official villain moniker. She values living an authentic life as herself, Himiko Toga, rather than hiding behind a masked identity.

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My Hero Academia: Toga’s Villain Name Revealed

In a flashback depicted in My Hero Academia Chapter 393, Toga declines the offer of a villain code name from her fellow League of Villains members. Shigaraki, the leader, explains that hero and villain names were initially used to identify anonymous adversaries, allowing individuals to shield their true identities. However, as the hero system developed, code names became more prevalent, with heroes and villains alike adopting them as declarations of their respective personas. Yet, Toga and Shigaraki rejected this notion.


Toga’s choice to forego an official villain name reflects her desire to join the League and live as her authentic self. However, she becomes increasingly frustrated with the hero-dominated society, witnessing the tragic loss of her close friend Twice. Toga realizes that being true to herself in a world fixated on fictional heroes and villains will ultimately lead to her downfall. Despite only acting in her own best interest, she faces punishment for embodying her genuine identity.

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