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My Unique Skill Makes Me OP even at Level 1 Light Novels Gets TV Anime Adaptation

It has been decided to make a TV animation of the novel “Level 1 but the strongest with unique skills” by Miki Nazuna.

“Level 1 but the strongest with unique skills” from the posting site, Let’s Become a Novelist, is a fantasy work that begins when black company office worker Ryota Sato moves to another world. Ryota, whose level does not rise from 1 no matter how hard he tries, survives the mysterious world by making full use of his unique skill.

That when he defeats a monster, items that should not exist in that world will drop. Volumes up to Volume 7 have been published by Kodansha Ranobe Bunko, and Volume 9 of comical with cotton will be released on May 9. The cumulative total of the series has exceeded 1.1 million copies.

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Comments arrived from Miki, and illustrations arrived from Subachi, who is the original illustration and character draft, and from Makoto. Miki said, “Thanks to everyone’s support” “Level 1 but the strongest with unique skills’ will be an animation.

And while I was in contact with the production of the animation, this animation will surely be for everyone who has supported me so far. I was convinced that it would be a satisfying result. “


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