MyDearest Introduces Brazen Blaze: Closed Alpha Test for Multiplayer Game

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2023)

On Thursday, VR developer MyDearest Inc. unveiled its latest multiplayer VR game, titled “Brazen Blaze,” and streamed an exciting trailer to announce the game’s upcoming closed alpha test.

Registration for this alpha test will be open starting Thursday, and eager participants can sign up until September 24 (PST) via the company’s Discord server.

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Scheduled for a 2024 launch on major VR platforms, “Brazen Blaze” will also find its way to PC through the Steam platform. MyDearest describes the game as follows:

While gamers have long pondered if they’re “bad enough dudes” to save the president, “Brazen Blaze” aims higher by asking if they’re “bad enough dudes” to be the president themselves. In the anarcho-capitalist world of “Brazen Blaze,” the only thing preventing society from descending into complete dystopia is an international fighting tournament to determine the President of the world. Contestants globetrot to battle in locales reminiscent of the real world.

This 3v3 “smack and shoot” VR game offers online multiplayer battles featuring diverse characters, each with their own unique special abilities. To secure victory, players must employ a blend of dashing, jumping, grappling, shooting, and punching, all while wielding formidable gauntlets to push opponents off the stage.

MyDearest has a track record of success, having previously launched “ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos” for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift in December 2020, followed by releases on SteamVR in February 2021 and PlayStation VR in April 2021. Additionally, their collaboration with Sekai Project resulted in “Tokyo Chronos,” which debuted on Oculus and Vive via Steam in March 2019 and later became available for PlayStation VR in August 2019 in Japan. Sekai Games further expanded its reach by releasing the game for PS VR in August 2019.

Brazen Blaze:

The company’s latest offering is IzanagiGames’ “DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate” virtual reality game, with the first episode launching for Meta Quest 2 in September 2022. Subsequently, it became available for PlayStation VR2, the new virtual reality system for the PlayStation 5 console, on February 22. Impressively, the game’s Campfire crowdfunding campaign achieved its 4 million yen (about US$35,000) goal within four minutes of its launch in October 2021.

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MyDearest defines itself as a “VR startup specializing in planning and development,” with the esteemed former Editor-in-Chief of Kadokawa’s Dengeki Bunko, Kazuma Miki (known for works like “A Certain Magical Index” and “Sword Art Online”), serving as an adviser to the company.


Source | Press release, Chronos Universe’s YouTube channel

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