Mysta Rias of NIJISANJI EN Graduates on August 27

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2023)

NIJISANJI EN made a recent announcement that Mysta Rias, a popular VTuber, will be graduating from NIJISANJI EN on August 27. Following his departure, the social media accounts, including YouTube and Twitter, will be made private, and merchandise sales will gradually cease. Fans can still send their letters until September 27.

Mysta Rias joined “Luxiem,” NIJISANJI EN’s debut group of male performers, in December 2021. He currently boasts an impressive 1.11 million YouTube subscribers and 1.2 million Twitter followers.

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The Luxiem VTuber group will continue with its remaining four members: Ike Eveland, Vox Akuma, Luca Kaneshiro, and Shu Yamino.

Mysta Rias of NIJISANJI EN

Although the reason for Mysta’s graduation wasn’t officially disclosed by NIJISANJI EN, Mysta himself clarified during a pre-announcement livestream that the decision was entirely his. He shared that he had decided to graduate several months ago, but the process was lengthy. He wanted to honor his commitments to conventions where he was scheduled to appear as a guest.

Mysta opened up during the stream, explaining that he had lost his drive for quite some time. He used a candle analogy, expressing that he felt like his candle had burned out, leaving him unable to recover even a fraction of his former passion for the past 7-8 months. He came to realize that he had moved past burnout; he simply felt that he had reached the end of his journey.

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NIJISANJI, launched in 2018 and overseen by ANYCOLOR, Inc. (formerly Ichikara Inc.), stands as one of Japan’s most prominent Virtual YouTuber projects, housing a vast array of over a hundred VTubers. It expanded to three Asian countries (China/Indonesia/Korea) in their local and English languages, starting from May 2021. NIJISANJI EN began with its first group in May 2021.


Source | NIJISANJI EN’s Twitter account

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