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Nacht Black Bulls Vice Captain Revealed – Black Clover

Hey guys welcome back to . So in the latest Chapter of Black Clover Manga 261 is out and we see very interesting things happening. Black Clover Chapter 261 introduces us to Nacht Black Bulls Vice-captain.

Nacht Black Bulls Vice Captain

The Chapter starts with the showing destruction after the fight b/w Dark Triad and White Triad. The Members of the Black Bulls are still coping up with the fact that Captain Yami has been Kidnapped and Asta and Gauche are in a very bad shape. The healer talks about the all Magic Knight Captain meating and tells them to rest.

Nacht Vice-Captain

Asta suddenly wakes up from his sleep and see Captain Yami’s Katana coming out of Grimore. He runs out to save Yami and but his body suddenly stops moving. He felt some one’s presence around him and his Asta realize that this person’s powers is stopping Asta from moving. Asta is still thinking of saving Captain Yami.

The person tells him that he is just going madness by rushing to save Yami like this. He tells about Yami’s personality defects and Asta gets angry and call Demon Destroyer Sword. But The person over powers Asta with his magic. The person tells Asta if he can’t defeat him, he will not be able to save Yami. Asta cries and wishes only if he was stronger.

Devil Power User

The person laughs and call Asta stupid. Intoduces himself as Nacht Vice-Captain of Black Bulls. He says that Captain Yami is still alive and he can teach Asta how to use Devil Powers.

So, Nacht Vice-Captain of Black Bulls is also like Asta and possesses Devil Powers.

Next Chapter from Black Clover will explain more about this Vice Captain. I personally feels that Nacht is a very strong Arcane Stage Mage. Yuki Tabata will defenatly introduce more devil power users in future for sure (thats’ what i think). Let me know your thought on Nacht in the comment section below.


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