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Nacht New Devil Transformation “Nine Lives” & Power Explained | Black Clover

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2020)

Ever since his introduction by Tabata in Black Clover, Nacht has been a very mysterious character. Other than the fact that he hates Yami and has Devil powers we don’t know anything concrete about him. Today we are going to talk about his powers in detail and discuss a theory from our favorite Black Clover YouTuber Broku about the New Devil Transformation “Nine Lives”.

Nacht Powers & Abilities

These are the things we know about the Magic of Nacht.

Nacht New Devil Transformation Power Explained
(Photo: Shueisha)

Nacht uses the shadow magic attribute to manipulate the shadows. He is able to slip in and out of the shadows of other people and things, immobilize people hiding in shadows, and physically restrain people with shadows. Nacht owns a grimoire containing various shadow-based magic spells.

Nacht harbors four demons that empower him: Gimodel, a rooster-like demon, a cat-like devil, and a donkey-like devil. Nacht uses four relics that are connected to her four demons: a feather, two claws or fangs, and a braid of hair to temporarily summon them to the living world, either as large masked beasts or as small familiars. He can also merge with the larger forms of him. Nacht can control all the mana in an area around him to increase the power and range of his spells.

How Nacht’s Abilities Work? 9 Lives

These four devils of Nacht are inspired by a German fairy tale named Town Musicians of Bremen. Tabata gets a lot of inspiration from European stories and tales this is an example of that. Nacht uses Devil Union which is very powerful when compared to Asta Black form. Then we can see the characteristics of his devils in that Union like when he used Gimodel’s ‘Pack’ ability in the Canis mode. So these devils essentially have abilities like the animals to which they have a resemblance.

About the cat-like Devil and according to “A cat has nine lives” ancient myth according to the theory Nacht can use these lives on his crewmates. Although these 9 lives, myth is based on a cat’s dexterity and agility, people used to think this way before.

Youtube – Broku

This Nacht 9 Lives theory came from the YouTuber Broku, I would highly suggest you watch this video above and visit his channel for awesome Black Clover content.


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