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Nanashi Kaidan Anime Returns with New Episodes, Unveils Exciting Visuals and Teaser

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2023)

The captivating anime series “Nanashi Kaidan” is set to return with fresh episodes, scheduled to air from August 7th to 11th on the popular TV Tokyo series “Oha Suta”. In anticipation of the new release, the creators have unveiled a striking key visual and an intriguing teaser PV, stirring excitement among fans.

“Nanashi Kaidan” weaves a fascinating narrative around three central characters – the enigmatic Muko, a man known for his chilling ghost stories that are as unknown as they are forbidden; Bon, a brave young girl who hails from the Higan Shrine lineage, a family renowned for their generations-long mission of sealing specters; and Ji, a quiet boy who shares a unique bond with Bon, showing affection to no one else.

Subaru Kimura lends his voice to the mysterious ghost story enthusiast, Muko. Yoshino Aoyama brings to life the character of Bon, the courageous girl from the specter-sealing lineage. Maruka Asahina voices the character of Ji, the silent boy with an unexplained attachment to Bon.

In a special treat for fans, the “Nanashi Kaidan Reading Live” video, performed by Subaru Kimura in August 2022, will be made available on the Oha Suta channel at 4 PM on June 30th. This release is sure to build anticipation and set the stage for the upcoming episodes of this enthralling anime series.


Source – Comic Natalie

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