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Nanbaka: Anime That Managed to Fly Under Everyone’s Radar!

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2023)

My dear reader, allow me to regale you with a tale of the anime industry’s burgeoning parody sector, replete with both new releases and the continuing adventures of beloved titles such as Mob Psycho 100 and One-Punch Man. Yet, despite the wide appeal of satirical anime, not every comedic series manages to capture the hearts and minds of its viewers.

Enter Nanbaka, the whimsical anime adaptation of Shō Futamata’s manga that graced our screens in the autumn of 2016. Alas, it appeared to slip under the radar of many anime enthusiasts, much to their loss. Those fortunate enough to have basked in its colorful and vivacious settings were treated to an array of equally vibrant characters, each with their own distinct charm and charisma.

But, as with all things, opinions were divided. Some viewers bemoaned the anime’s lack of depth, accusing it of relying solely on its flamboyant animation style. Yet, Nanbaka’s staunchest defenders would argue that beneath its garish exterior lay a captivating central plot, peppered with moments of side-splitting hilarity and nuanced character development.

And let us not forget the visuals, my dear reader. Nanbaka’s unique and audacious animation style only serves to enhance the already delightful characters and whimsical narrative. It is a feast for the eyes, a riot of color and creativity that delights and beguiles in equal measure.

So, my dear reader, do not let the naysayers dissuade you from giving Nanbaka a chance. Its offbeat charm and sheer joy of storytelling are sure to capture your heart and imagination, leaving you in stitches and begging for more.

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Nanbaka: A Storyline That Shines Brighter Than Its Aesthetics!

Nanbaka, a delightfully vibrant anime series within the parody genre, is a visual feast for the eyes, thanks to its radiant color palette and vivid tones. Set within the confines of a clandestine penitentiary nestled on a remote Japanese island, this captivating tale chronicles the daily capers of four notorious inmates residing in the formidable Cell Block 13: the irrepressible Uno, the unyielding Rock, the eccentric Nico, and the enigmatic Jyugo. Despite their insatiable yearning for freedom, the mischievous quartet repeatedly finds themselves thwarted by the formidable guard, Sugoroku Hajime, and returned to their shared cell.

While many may anticipate Nanbaka to be a rollicking romp filled with amusing characters and their madcap escapades, the show delves deeper into the complex and often heartrending journey of its strangely dispassionate protagonist, Jyugo. His lackadaisical demeanor stands in stark contrast to the series’ overall playful tone, thereby enveloping his character in a shroud of mystery that tantalizes the viewer’s curiosity.

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From Laughter to Darkness: How Nanbaka Transcends Parody Anime Expectations

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a protagonist in possession of a unique and peculiar talent, must be in want of a compelling backstory. And in the case of Jyugo, the jailbreak extraordinaire, such a backstory is not only compelling but downright distressing.

For you see, dear reader, Jyugo is not merely a character devoid of any remarkable qualities other than his impressive jail-breaking skills. No, his lack of apparent talent is merely a facade to mask the tragic past that haunts him like a specter. And it is only through the wacky hijinks and lighthearted banter with his cellmates that Jyugo can momentarily escape the demons that torment him.

But alas, even the most adept escapologist cannot evade their past forever, and Jyugo’s enemies from yesteryear soon make a surprise return, forcing him to confront the darkness he had long hoped to leave behind. As he delves into the mysteries of his past, Jyugo finds himself on a path that is as treacherous as it is dreary.

Yet it is through his compassion for his friends and cellmates that Jyugo finds the motivation to continue his search for answers. For in the midst of his own troubles, he realizes that his greatest purpose lies not in his own selfish desires, but in the selflessness of helping those around him.


Thus, Nanbaka proves to be a hidden gem of a tale, for it not only showcases the aesthetic and comedic value of a good parody anime but delves deep into the complexity of troubled pasts and the extraordinary friendships that can emerge from them. It is a story that shines bright, both literally and figuratively, and one that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of its audience.

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