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Naniwa Danshi Member Ryusei Onishi to Star in Rent-A-Girlfriend Live-Action Drama

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2022)

On May 13, it was revealed that Reiji Miyajima’s romantic comedy manga “Kanojo, Okariru”, which is being serialized in the manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha), will be made into a live-action drama. Ryusei Onishi of the popular group “Naniwa Danshi” will play the leading role, and actress Hiyori Sakurada will play the heroine. From July, it will be broadcast on ABC TV every Sunday at 11:55 pm and on TV Asahi every Saturday at 2:30 pm.

“She, I will borrow” is a story that depicts a love pattern between a male college student who is indecisive and unpopular, and a transcendental beauty rental girlfriend. It started serializing in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” in 2017, and the first period of TV animation was broadcast from July to September 2020.

Mr. Onishi is the main character, Kazuya Kinoshita, who has a straightforward kindness, though not even. “I felt that the boy was a boy with bare emotions and had a sense of justice in contrast to the stupid part,” he said. Kazuya’s cuteness is packed in places where he immediately becomes delusional, so I’ll do my best not to make him feel like an idol. “

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He also said, “I’m a very challenging role myself, and I’m working hard every day to shoot with a fresh feeling!” I’m even happier with Ya-Kun (laughs)! “

Sakurada is the role of Chizuru Mizuhara, a female college student who goes to college while working as a rental girlfriend. She is a beautiful girl who turns around 10 out of 10 people when she walks around the city, but she has the duality of being a cool and strong girl with glasses at university.

Regarding Chizuru, Mr. Sakurada said, “Not only is she cute, but she also is a serious and hard worker, and she has a strong will for her purpose. And she can be close to people’s feelings. I’m Tako. ” “When I was a super-ideal girlfriend, I was conscious of the gestures and facial expressions that Kazuya was throbbing. When I was in college, Chizuru-chan just erased the aura and stood like the air. I am aware of the wall. “

The drama is directed by Daisuke Yamamoto of the “Oceans Love” (TV Asahi series) series and written by Kumiko Aso of “Marumo no Okite” (Fuji TV series). The two also teamed up in the 2018 “Midnight no good love picture book” (ABC TV / TV Asahi).


Source: Anime News Network

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