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Natsuki Nanao “Helck” Fantasy Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

Nanao Nanaki “Helck” will be animated. The official Twitter account for online publishing platform MangaOne has reposted an illustration of author Nanaki Hanao celebrating the confirmation that her action-fantasy manga Helck will receive an anime adaptation in the future.

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“Helck” is a fantasy set in the world after the Demon King was defeated. Vamilio, the “Imperial Four Tennos” who hastily been involved in a tournament held in the demon world to decide on a new Demon King, learns that the human hero Helck is participating in the tournament for some reason. Helck professes to hate humans, but Vamilio just can’t believe him … This work has been serialized in Manga One and Ura Sunday since 2014, and a total of 12 volumes have been published.

In addition, a project entitled “‘Helck’ Festival” was held. As the first installment, 30 episodes of “Helck” have been released for free on Manga One from February 14th to 20th at 23:59. And as the second bullet, the publication of a new edition of “Helck” is decided. Starting with the first volume released on April 12, one volume will be released every month until March 2023.


Source – Comic Natalie via MangaOne Official Twitter

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