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Netflix Announced One Piece Live Action Series

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2020)

Big streaming giant Netflix just officially confirmed a 10 episode live action series of One Piece.Netflix stated” partnered with Tomorrow and Shueisha to bring this pirate adventure story from Japan to audiences around the world.” Originally created by Erichi Oda , this series have captivated fans for nearly a decade now and above all it has sold over 416 million copies.Yet, no cast and release date has been confirmed but, Ericha Oda will be executive producer along with Betty from Tomorrow studio. It still remains, quite a surprise how they will compact and deliver such a wast and long Manga series on the screen. Lets see, will Netflix will able to do justice with this series. Who knows what’s next on this big streaming company’s list Naruto, they seem to to digging Anime series hard.


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