Netflix faces legal action for Big Bang Theory’s offensive language use

Netflix is facing legal trouble over a controversial joke made by Raj on The Big Bang Theory, which has caused a social activist to demand that the episode be removed from the streaming platform. The joke, which occurs in Season 2, Episode 1, has sparked outrage due to its derogatory and offensive language directed towards popular Bollywood actor Madhuri Dixit. In the episode, Raj refers to Dixit as a “leprous prostitute,” while simultaneously referring to another actor, Aishwarya Rai, as a “goddess.”

The legal notice sent to Netflix by the social activist, Mithun Vijay Kumar, argues that such jokes should not be allowed on television as they perpetuate harmful stereotypes and discrimination against women. Kumar believes that Raj’s comment is not only insulting but also highly derogatory towards Indian culture and women, violating Indian laws and regulations regarding the depiction of women and the promotion of gender equality.

Kumar’s notice demands the immediate removal of the episode from Netflix’s platform and cites the broader impact that such jokes can have on society’s treatment of women. He argues that such comments can promote sexism and misogyny, and should not be tolerated in any form of media.

While The Big Bang Theory has been known for its controversial style of comedy, this legal action highlights the potential harm that such humor can have on society. It remains to be seen whether Netflix will comply with the demands of the notice, but the issue has brought to light the importance of responsible and respectful media content.

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Gender Dynamics: How The Big Bang Theory Portrayed Women

The Big Bang Theory, one of the most popular sitcoms of its time, was not immune to controversy. One of the show’s most significant criticisms was its portrayal of women, particularly the character of Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco. In the early seasons, Penny was often seen wearing revealing clothing, leading some to accuse the show of oversexualizing the character. Cuoco later defended the character’s wardrobe choices, explaining that they were intended to showcase Penny’s evolution from a shallow aspiring actress to a well-rounded, multi-dimensional person.

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Despite the initial backlash, Penny eventually became a beloved character, and her decision to leave her dreams of stardom behind and become a pharmaceutical sales representative resonated with many viewers. Similarly, Howard, played by Simon Helberg, faced pushback from viewers for his inappropriate treatment of women. Helberg, who portrayed the character, admitted that he understood the critiques and that he enjoyed playing the character more as he shed his sleazy persona and developed a more significant heart.


Overall, The Big Bang Theory’s portrayal of women and its treatment of sensitive issues such as sexuality and gender roles were not without controversy. Still, the show’s commitment to developing its characters and tackling social issues head-on made it a cultural phenomenon that remains popular with audiences worldwide.

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