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Netflix Series: Daybreak Review

Another Zombies Series, watch it or skip it.

Daybreak is Netflix’s original series on the ghouls and zombies. The whole series have kids as the lone survivors and no adults left to give them orders around. Which is itself is quite quirky to watch. The series revolves around the guy named Josh.

There is a lot of self-talking scenes in the series too, which gives an entirely different aspect to watch. Kids are hilarious and acting is great too. The main thing is the ghouls are not as brainless as we see them quite often in other series.

There are different problems faced by all kids even when adults are not around. They all come out of it in their funny way.

Josh the main protagonist of the series wants to find the girl he loves (Sam Dean) a lot from his school, who got lost while the apocalypse. Now, to do that he is joined by other kids, a 10-year-old girl and a football player from his class. Well, he doesn’t want to join them because the little girl loves to burn very things she finds and the football guy has taken to the path of non-violence.

Both are quite crazy and for them, Josh is pretty crazy too, in their quest they meet other kids who help and them and everybody finds a way to their happiness.

In the Nutshell, During this lock-down, if you are getting bored and want to lighten things up with comedy this the series you would love.
Our rating 3.5 out of 5 go for it.


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