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Netflix Series: October Faction Review

October Faction is a decent makeover for the monster killing series. Parents are the secret monster killers, who work for a secret agency. Kinds are unknown to this fact and move a lot because of their parent’s jobs.

Series offers thrilling scenes and gunfights. But it is not some go on rampage killing shooting spree scenes. The storyline is a bit slow. It gets interesting only if you made out the first few episodes.

If you are a big fan of gunfights then you will be disappointed. Not much of monster killings either. October Faction covers all its parts with its storyline and filming on the great locations.
Performances by all the actors are great. Especially the warlocks are quite interesting to watch. The way witches perform magic and use it for killing is a new concept.

In a nutshell, good story line and catchy lines with decent action.
Our rating 3 out of 5, a good way to kill boredom.


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