Netflix to Suspend Ads on all 22 NHK Programs

NHK has asked Netflix to stop broadcasting all 22 NHK programs on its platform after the streaming giant launched a new program involving commercials.

The move reflects NHK’s concerns that cheaper Netflix subscription plans that include advertising could create the misconception that NHK is endorsing certain products.

NHK complained to Netflix that the new subscription plan, which launched on November 4th, was not what it had envisioned, and that no explanation was given until just before the plan’s launch. The public broadcaster has asked Netflix to stop broadcasting the show, including users on commercial-free plans.

NHK will not distribute programs that may be misinterpreted as recommending or promoting specific goods or services due to Internet-related service standards.


Netflix said NHK had agreed to run the commercials, but on Wednesday stopped airing ads for the NHK program for the time being. It said in a statement that negotiations with broadcasters are continuing.

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