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New addition to Comikey: Firefly Wedding manga by Oreco Tachibana

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2023)

On Friday, Comikey took to Twitter to share exciting news about its latest addition, the manga Firefly Wedding (Hotaru no Yomeiri) by Oreco Tachibana. The platform is delighted to offer readers 10 captivating chapters of this manga upon its launch.

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Tachibana debuted the manga on January 1st through Shogakukan’s Manga ONE app.

“In the era of Meiji, where tradition and elegance reign, Satoko, a cherished scion of an esteemed lineage, yearns for a marriage that will secure her family’s prosperity. Yet, fate deals her a perilous hand as a clandestine killer targets her existence! Determined to survive the deadly encounter, Satoko extends an audacious offer to the enigmatic assassin, forging an improbable union…”

Tachibana debuted her Promise Cinderella manga on Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website back in 2018. Subsequently, the manga’s initial compiled volume hit the shelves in Japan during June of the same year. The sixteenth and ultimate volume was finally released on August 19th. Shogakukan Asia, a publisher in Southeast Asia, is responsible for distributing the English version of the manga. Notably, Comikey Media Inc. incorporated this manga into its service in July 2021.

In June 2018, Tachibana introduced a captivating spinoff manga named #Batsu Ichi Arasa Joshi to Danshi Kōkōsei on Ura Sunday. Japan witnessed the publication of a single volume by Shogakukan in February 2019, while the English version titled Promise Cinderella #Strike One was released by Shogakukan Asia in September 2020, allowing a wider audience to enjoy this remarkable tale.


Source | Comikey’s Twitter account

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