New Anime Music Video: Tove Lo x Shinsei Galverse NFT

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2023)

Grammy-nominated artist Tove Lo has teamed up with the Tokyo-based Shinsei Galverse NFT project to create an animated music video for her track “I like u.” This sci-fi video features characters designed by Satoshi Ishino (known for Puni Puni Poemy and Tokyo Mew Mew New) and is directed by Shinsei Galverse founder Ayaka Ohira, with co-direction by Yūta Takamura (chief director of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable).

The nostalgic 90s dance track aims to evoke the emotional spectrum of women while embracing Tove’s dark musical aesthetic. “I wanted to create a science fiction spectacle, combining the melancholy of love with a cosmic narrative. Tove and I discussed expressing the vulnerability, strength, and intense uniqueness of women, as well as her character’s enigmatic aspects,” Ohira revealed.

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The music video pays homage to the Shinsei Galverse project’s storyline, with Tove’s anime persona confronting Annie, her robot lover from the “No One Dies From Love” video. The same song is referenced on the character’s t-shirt. As hostile aliens attack Tove’s planet, she unveils her true form as a scorpion-tailed fighter. However, like a scorpion, she must consume her mate to survive the impending battle.

The video’s creative team includes art director Hiromasa Ogura (known for Blood-C, FLCL, and xxxHOLiC). Ogura’s studio provided the mesmerizing background art. Key animation was done by Yasuhiro Saiki, Shiori Nakasone, Satomi Tominaga, Tomotsuga Sakakibara, Ayaka Ohira, Wei-Li Chen, and Youko Sirai, with animation production by S.o.K.

Ohira’s prior experience in cel-animated series, under the guidance of Yoji Kuri and Manabu Ōhashi, shines through in this project. She previously directed music videos for m-flo, JP THE WAVY, and CHAI before founding the Galverse project. Shinsei Galverse empowers its community with next-generation tech, including digital collectibles, VTubers, and custom AI, to weave a unique story about 8,888 badass Gals shaping the galaxy’s destiny.

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The Gals are available for purchase via OpenSea. Furthermore, Ohira and Tokyo-based NFT, blockchain, and Web3 development company Wagmi Labs Inc have plans to release a Shinsei Galverse anime pilot next year.

Swedish-born pop sensation Tove Lo gained recognition in the U.S. with her album Queen of the Clouds and the hit single “Habits (Stay High).” Her follow-up album featured the international hit “Cool Girl,” and she continued to shine with her 2019 release, Sunshine Kitty. Notably, the lead single “Glad He’s Gone” earned a Grammy nomination for Best Music Video. Additionally, her song “No One Dies from Love” was featured on the popular HBO show Euphoria.


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