New Anime Series Premieres: Firefighter Daigo: The Orange Savior

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2023)

Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange defies expectations by showcasing the fascinating aspects of a firefighter’s job without resorting to killing fire demons for entertainment. Initially expecting a supernatural, action-packed series reminiscent of Fire Force, I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s rare to find shows that explore the captivating elements of firefighting, but this series delivers exactly what I had hoped for.

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Based on a manga dating back three decades, the episode’s opening depicts what seems to be a catastrophic event looming in the background. It primarily focuses on two key figures from our main cast, Daigo and Shunsuke, who are fervently engaged in a valiant rescue mission within a crumbling edifice as firefighters. The tension permeates the air, leaving the entire audience spellbound in silence.

Though the animation occasionally proves distracting, particularly with its abundance of CG vehicles, the narrative’s gripping elements remain intact. Our protagonist, Daigo, relentlessly pushes himself to the brink, inching perilously closer to the edge, all in his fervent quest to save a trapped victim. The entire sequence is expertly depicted from the perspective of Shunsuke, an apparent close friend of Daigo’s, who ceaselessly nags him about the potential consequences, warning of an impending demise if he continues to disregard caution.

Firefighter Daigo: The Orange

Unexpectedly, the series takes an abrupt leap back in time, transporting us to a period when society teetered far from the brink of collapse. Here, Shunsuke, now a 19-year-old trainee, continues to serve as our lens into this world. We are swiftly immersed in the tedium and occasional brutality of their training, as our main characters endure its relentless demands. Shunsuke and Daigo have just crossed paths, their nascent bond yet to bloom, hinting that the show will likely delve into the development of this relationship before unravelling the enigmatic inciting incident depicted in the opening scenes. The intriguing narrative structure piques our curiosity, particularly surrounding our remarkably reticent leader, who scarcely utters more than five lines throughout the entire episode. Behind his subdued demeanor lies a well-concealed secret, a hidden history that likely intertwines with his initial reasons for enrolling in the Fire Academy.

Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll this autumn.


Source | Crunchyroll

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