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New Big Three! Is Kagurabachi Shonen Jump’s Next Big Hit?

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2023)

Takeru Hokazono’s latest manga creation, “Kagurabachi,” made its debut in Shonen Jump on September 17, already gaining traction among fans. The series, now officially accessible in English, has received an overwhelmingly positive reception.

Set in an alternate 1950s Japan, “Kagurabachi” centers around Chihiro, a determined young man on a mission to confront a formidable yakuza group possessing supernatural abilities. Armed with a potent sword, Chihiro, the son of a renowned swordsmith, tracks down sorcerers who empower the criminal organization. Revenge serves as the driving force behind the narrative, stemming from a harrowing event on a day marred by bloodshed.

New Big Three! Is Kagurabachi Shonen Jump’s Next Big Hit?

Anticipation for the manga had reached a fever pitch prior to its release, with the entire first chapter even leaking online. Fans have been quick to shower praise upon “Kagurabachi,” commending its distinctive art style, the protagonist’s stoic and compelling dialogue delivery, and the gripping action sequences.

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In a bold move, some enthusiasts have already begun to include “Kagurabachi” in the esteemed ranks of shonen giants like One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen, christening it as one of the “big three” in the genre. While it may be premature to forecast whether “Kagurabachi” will attain the same level of popularity as its illustrious counterparts, the enthusiastic response to the inaugural chapter is undeniably promising. With weekly releases on the horizon, the future chapters hold the key to sustaining this initial wave of excitement and engagement.

For English-speaking audiences, “Kagurabachi” is readily available for reading on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump digital library and Manga Plus. As the series unfolds, fans can eagerly anticipate what new twists and turns await Chihiro in his quest for vengeance against the supernatural yakuza.


Source: IGN India

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