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New Doraemon Feature Film Nobita and Utopia in the Sky Release Key Visual and Trailer, Premiere March 2023

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2022)

The title of the 42nd work of the animation “Movie Doraemon” series based on Fujiko F. Fujio has been decided as “Movie Doraemon Nobita and the Ideal Town of the Sky (Utopia)”. It will be released in March 2023. The director of “Movie Doraemon Nobita and the Utopia of the Sky” is Takumi Toyama, who directs many TV animations “Doraemon”. 

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The first director of the “Movie Doraemon” series was selected as “I’m honored to be involved in a historical work, but to be honest, I was surprised to hear the director’s story before I felt joy or excitement.” Talk about. The script is written by Ryota Kurosawa of the “Always-Sunset on Third Street” series and the “Confidence Man JP” series. 

In participating in the “Movie Doraemon” series for the first time, “I decided to go on an adventure again and wrote hard for us at that time and the children of today. Everyone, with Nobita and Doraemon, the sky. I would be happy if you could go on a big adventure and get excited. “

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In addition, the teaser visual and special news footage will be lifted along with the decision to release the movie. The stage of this work is Utopia, a world that floats in the sky where everyone can live happily and everything is perfect. 

Doraemon and his friends take off on a big adventure in search of a dreamy utopia such as Atlantis and Ryugu Castle, which many adventurers dreamed of. In the special news video, an airship with a time warp function, Time Zeppelin, which is the original secret tool of the same work, appears.

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