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New ‘Drops of God’ Sequel Manga: Two-Volume Release

Manga maestro Tadashi Agi took to Twitter recently to announce that the highly anticipated sequel to their iconic manga “Drops of God” will be a concise two-volume affair. Titled “Kami no Shizuku deuxième” (Drops of God Second), this sequel unfolds after the climactic showdown between Shizuku and Tomine.

Shizuku embarks on a globetrotting adventure, leading him to the enchanting streets of Paris, where he crosses paths with a remarkable girl possessing an extraordinary sense of smell.

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The dynamic duo of siblings, Shin and Yuko Kibayashi, known by their pen name Tadashi Agi, originally introduced “The Drops of God” in Kodansha’s Morning magazine back in 2004, captivating readers worldwide.

'Drops of God' Sequel Manga

The manga’s narrative revolves around a young man who, upon his renowned wine critic father’s demise, unravels a startling revelation: his father adopted another man, and the two must engage in a fierce competition to identify 13 coveted wines in order to inherit a vast fortune in the form of a priceless wine collection.

The saga continued with “Drops of God: Mariage,” which launched in May 2015 and concluded its gripping tale in October 2020. Kodansha USA Publishing has been bringing the enchantment of “Drops of God: Mariage” to English readers digitally. Notably, this manga series had an incredible impact on the wine industry, boosting the sales of featured wines throughout its serialization.

In fact, it earned prestigious accolades, including recognition from the French wine magazine La Revue du vin de France, which bestowed it with the magazine’s top award in 2010. The New York Times also celebrated the manga in its Dining and Wine section back in 2008.

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Moreover, the manga’s influence transcended print, inspiring a globally-produced, multilingual live-action television series that premiered on Apple TV+ on April 21. Recently, it became available for streaming on Hulu in Japan on September 15, further cementing its enduring legacy.


Source | Tadashi Agi’s Twitter account

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