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New Manga by Glitch’s Shima Shinya to Launch July 12

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2023)

In the upcoming August issue of Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Beam magazine, a thrilling announcement was made today. Shima Shinya, a renowned manga artist, will grace the pages with an enticing new creation entitled “9-ban me no Utsuro -Void: No. Nine-“. This eagerly anticipated manga will debut when the magazine hits the shelves on July 12th.

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300 years after the devastating obliteration of humanity by a vengeful god, only a solitary “messenger” remains, while remnants of the human race eke out an existence beneath Reform City’s labyrinthine tunnels. Dwelling in constant dread of the enigmatic “messenger,” these subterranean survivors delve into the depths in search of ancient artifacts, all the while plagued by their formidable presence.

In the same July issue of Monthly Comic Beam, Shinya’s enthralling Glitch manga also reached its conclusion. Originally launched in the magazine in July 2021, Kadokawa is set to release the fourth and final compiled volume on July 12. Yen Press, having secured the rights to the manga, is scheduled to publish its inaugural English volume on September 19.

Shinya, who debuted the captivating Lost Lad London manga in Monthly Comic Beam in December 2019, brought the series to a close in May 2021. Kadokawa subsequently unveiled the manga’s conclusive third volume in June 2021. Yen Press, having obtained the license, published the English rendition’s first volume in May 2022, followed by the third and final volume on January 17.


Source | Monthly Comic Beam July issue and website

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