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New Manga by Hikaru Wakatsuki: Fujisaki-kun’s Hunted World

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2023)

Renowned manga artist Hikaru Wakatsuki, best known for his work on “Fujisaki-kun’s Prey-ful Life,” is set to captivate readers once again with his latest creation.

The 36th and 37th combined issue of Kodansha’s Morning magazine revealed that Wakatsuki will be launching a new manga titled “Amayaka Shite Kureru Gym no Onee-san” on August 17.

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Wakatsuki first made his mark in the manga world when he debuted “Fujisaki-kun’s Prey-ful Life” on Kodansha’s Comic Days app in May 2018.

Fujisaki-kun's Hunted World

The series quickly gained popularity for its unique storyline and engaging characters.

After a successful run, the manga concluded in March 2019, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next project from the talented artist.

“Amayaka Shite Kureru Gym no Onee-san” promises to bring another exciting tale to readers. While details about the plot are yet to be unveiled, fans can expect Wakatsuki’s signature blend of humor, drama, and heartwarming moments.

For English-speaking audiences, Kodansha’s K MANGA service has been the platform to enjoy “Fujisaki-kun’s Prey-ful Life.” The manga’s popularity transcended cultural boundaries, captivating readers around the world.

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As the release date for “Amayaka Shite Kureru Gym no Onee-san” draws near, anticipation mounts, and fans eagerly await Wakatsuki’s latest masterpiece. With his proven track record of crafting engaging stories, there is no doubt that this new manga series will leave a lasting impression on readers both in Japan and beyond.


Source | Morning combined issue 36/37

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