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New Manga Release by Gangoose’s Keisuke Hiya on Oct 27

The Shinchosha’s Kurage Bunch manga website, now known as X (formerly Twitter), has recently announced a forthcoming manga by Keisuke Hiya. This new manga, titled “Mitsu o Ou” (which can be translated as “Drug Hunter” or literally, “Chasing Honey”), is set to debut on an upcoming Friday.

“Mitsu o Ou” explores the daring escapades of an eccentric drug enforcement officer.

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Hiya is crafting this manga under the expert guidance of Harumi Seto, a seasoned veteran with 40 years of experience and former leader of Japan’s Narcotics Control Department.

Seto is also renowned for the book “Matori: Kōrōshō Mayaku Torishimari-kan” (Matori: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Drug Enforcement Officer).

Gangoose's Keisuke Hiya on Oct 27

Daisuke Suzuki, a journalist and writer (unrelated to the author of OniAi), previously collaborated with Hiya on “Gangoose,” a manga series featured in Kodansha’s Morning magazine.

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The series ran from 2013 and concluded in January 2017. In April 2017, Kodansha released the 16th and final compiled volume of “Gangoose.” Furthermore, a live-action film adaptation of the manga made its premiere in Japan in November 2018.


Source | Kurage Bunch’s X/Twitter account

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