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New Manga Release by Tsukasa Monma and Tadataka Hosokawa

In the latest release of Kodansha’s Young Magazine, issue number 43, readers were treated to the premiere of “Episode 0” of the eagerly anticipated manga series titled “Rebellion,” crafted by the collaborative efforts of Tsukasa Monma and Tadataka Hosokawa.

While Monma is credited with conceiving the original storyline, it’s Hosokawa who brings the narrative to life through their artistic prowess. Excitement is building as fans eagerly await the series’ official serialization set to commence in March 2024.

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The inaugural “Episode 0” of this manga offers readers a captivating glimpse into a pivotal moment in history: the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, and more specifically, the intense battle for the capture of Port Arthur, masterminded by the brilliant Commander Nogi Maresuke.

Within these pages unfolds a mysterious tale, one that sheds light on the enigmatic strategies and heroics that ultimately led to the triumph of Commander Nogi and his valiant troops against the Russian forces.

Tsukasa Monma and Tadataka Hosokawa

This creative duo, Monma and artist Shikako, previously embarked on their manga journey with “Manshū Ahen Squad,” which made its debut on Kodansha’s “Comic Days” manga platform back in 2020. Young Magazine later picked up the series for serialization in 2021, and the 14th compiled volume was recently released on September 6th.

For English-speaking fans, Kodansha’s K MANGA service ensures accessibility to this captivating narrative. Notably, the manga earned a nomination in the “Best General Manga” category at Kodansha’s 47th annual Manga Awards this year.

Meanwhile, Tadataka Hosokawa embarked on a separate manga endeavor with “Tsuwamonogatari,” debuting in the pages of Young Magazine in November 2021.

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The series recently reached its culmination with the release of the eighth and final volume on September 20th, leaving readers with a complete and unforgettable storytelling experience.


Source | Young Magazine issue 43

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