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New Manga Release: ‘Our Dining Table Sequel’ by Mita Ori

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2023)

On March 22, Gentosha’s Rutile magazine released the May edition, unveiling Mita Ori’s eagerly awaited manga, “Bokura no Shokutaku: Okawari” (Our Dining Table: Second Helping). This captivating sequel follows the journey of Yutaka Hozumi, a dedicated salaryman, and the Ueda brothers, Minoru and Tane, as they continue their heartwarming tradition of sharing meals together.

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Yutaka, a dedicated salaryman with a knack for cooking, faces a constant struggle when it comes to eating with others. However, everything takes a delightful turn when he encounters Minoru and Tane, two brothers who are years apart in age. Fascinated by Yutaka’s culinary skills, they implore him to teach them his artistry in the kitchen. As Yutaka embarks on this culinary journey with them, his perspective undergoes a remarkable transformation, and he eagerly anticipates the shared meals that lie ahead.

Originally serialized in Rutile magazine in 2016, the manga adaptation of this heartwarming tale reached its conclusion with a single compiled volume in January 2017. Garnering attention, Seven Seas Entertainment brought the manga to English readers in December 2019.

Furthermore, this enchanting story found its way to the small screen as a live-action series adaptation. Premiering in Japan on April 6, it allows fans to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of “Our Dining Table” in a whole new way.


Source | Rutile’s Website / Twitter Account

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