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New Manga Series by Kawada and Ikuo Hachiya Coming Soon to Weekly Shonen Jump

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2023)

In the latest news for manga enthusiasts, renowned creators Kawada and Ikuo Hachiya have announced the launch of their respective new manga series. Both will be serialized in the esteemed Weekly Shonen Jump magazine published by Shueisha, with releases expected in the upcoming weeks.

Kawada’s forthcoming work, titled “Asumi Kakeru,” is set to debut in the 29th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump on June 19. The narrative of this new manga series centers on the intriguing world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The protagonist, a shy young boy named Nito, will offer readers a unique perspective on this intense sport.

Asumi Kakeru

Meanwhile, Ikuo Hachiya’s new creation, “Ice Head Gil,” will hit the stands in the 30th issue on June 26. This manga is described as an “ice and snow fantasy battle” series. The story unfolds around the character of Gil, a runaway from the imperial capital who has taken refuge on an island.

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These new series mark the continuation of both artists’ influential works in the manga world. Kawada is known for the popular “Hinomaru Sumo” manga, which ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from May 2014 until July 2019. An epilogue chapter of the series was later published on the Shonen Jump+ website and app in October 2019. The success of “Hinomaru Sumo” led to its adaptation into a 24-episode television anime series that premiered in October 2018, streamed by both Funimation and Crunchyroll.

On the other hand, Hachiya gained recognition for the one-shot manga titled “Seiryū no Magoi” (Black Carp of the Clear Stream), published on the Shonen Jump+ service in May 2022.

As the manga community eagerly awaits these new series, both Kawada and Hachiya are set to offer engaging narratives that promise to captivate and expand their existing fan base.


Source: Weekly Shonen Jump, issue 28.

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