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New Manga Titled “Raja” on Epic Tale of Indian Warrior-King “Chandragupta Maurya”

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2023)

Kouta Innami is set to debut a captivating historical manga titled “Raja,” chronicling the fascinating saga of Chandragupta Maurya – the legendary warrior-king who established the formidable Mauryan Empire. The initial release is slated for July 21, 2023, in Kodansha’s Monthly Young Magazine.

The upcoming manga, “Raja,” is set to paint a compelling narrative of Chandragupta Maurya’s transformation from a young man to a revered king. The storyline delves into the nuances of ancient politics, the forging of strategic alliances, and epic warfare, all integral aspects of the king’s historic rise to power.

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Accompanying him on this grand journey is his mentor, Chanakya, also known as Kautilya in traditional texts. Known for his strategic brilliance, Chanakya plays a crucial role in guiding Chandragupta to unify the disparate kingdoms of ancient India under his rule.

Kouta Innami’s “Raja” joins the rank of mangas such as Hajime Musashino’s “Burning Kabaddi” that have chosen to weave stories around Indian themes. “Burning Kabaddi,” centered around the traditional Indian sport of kabaddi, was even adapted into a 12-episode anime in 2021.

However, it’s yet to be seen whether “Raja” will expand its audience beyond Japan. Notably, both the manga and anime of “Burning Kabaddi” have not been officially released in India, despite their themes’ relevance to the region.

As fans eagerly anticipate the debut of “Raja,” the tale of Chandragupta Maurya promises to invigorate the manga landscape with its distinct storyline, bringing the awe-inspiring Indian history to the forefront in an unprecedented fashion.


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