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New One-Shot for Osamu Akimoto’s Kochikame Manga Series to be Released in July

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2023)

Osamu Akimoto, celebrated author of the iconic Kochikame manga series, is slated to release a new one-shot chapter, “Kibō no Entotsu (Natsu) -1963- Kankichi-tachi no Natsuyasumi” (Chimney of Hope (Summer) -1963- The Summer Vacation of Kankichi and Company). This 46-page installment will be featured in the 32nd issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, due on July 10, as announced by Shueisha. The chapter will feature a color opening page, marking a vibrant return after an 11-month hiatus since the previous chapter in August 2022.

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The upcoming release is the third part of the “Kibō no Entotsu” (Chimney of Hope) narrative within the Kochikame manga series. This sub-storyline shines a spotlight on the character Rin Akatsuki, a singer and employee at the Senju Thermal Power Station – a renowned Tokyo power station that operated from 1926 to 1963. The power station’s chimneys frequently feature in diverse media, serving as a timestamp for the audience.

The “Kibō no Entotsu” narrative began in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2004, with its inaugural chapter “Kibō no Entotsu no Maki” (The Story of the Chimneys of Hope) set in 1955, portraying Rin’s encounter with a youthful Kankichi. The second chapter, “Kibō no Entotsu -Hashima-” (Chimneys of Hope -Hashima-), took readers to Rin’s hometown of Hashima Island, also known as “Battleship Island,” with its debut in December 2012.

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The fresh chapter, “Kibō no Entotsu (Natsu) -1963- Kankichi-tachi no Natsuyasumi,” is set in 1963 and follows Kankichi and his companions as they journey to Hashima to reunite with Rin.

The Kochikame manga series, which concluded in September 2016 after an impressive 40-year run, still sees occasional extra chapters from Akimoto. As of June 2016, with the release of its 199th volume, the manga had approximately 150 million copies in print. The 201st volume was launched in October 2021.

Kochikame’s enduring popularity has led to the creation of a television anime series, anime films, anime specials, live-action films, a live-action series, and multiple stage plays.


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