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New Pages and Art Book Unveiled for Attack on Titan Series

Hajime Isayama’s renowned manga series, Attack on Titan, stirred discussions and debates with its conclusion in Chapter 139. In response to fan feedback, Isayama expanded the ending by including eight extra pages in Volume 34, released on June 9, 2021. Now, fresh information reveals that on April 30, 2024, “Attack on Titan Volume 35” will introduce a staggering 18 new pages, sparking speculation about its connection to the original series.

Accompanying this development, Attack on Titan enthusiasts can anticipate the release of an art book titled “Shingeki Fly.” This comprehensive compilation will showcase Hajime Isayama’s vivid illustrations across 200 pages, offering fans a visual feast. Notably, the art book will also present over 57 pages of meticulously replicated original drawings from the final chapter, providing a deeper glimpse into the creator’s creative process. Furthermore, exclusive content related to Mikasa’s scarf and Eren’s key will be featured, with pre-orders opening on November 30.

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Adding to the excitement, Attack on Titan will grace the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine Issue 44 with a captivating color spread, set to be available on October 4.

Since the release of the concluding chapter, the series has been a topic of fervent discussion, especially concerning its conclusion. Isayama’s addition of extra pages aimed to address some of the lingering questions, yet differing opinions persist among fans.

At New York Comic-Con, Hajime Isayama acknowledged the controversy surrounding Attack on Titan’s ending, further highlighting the passionate discourse surrounding the series.


The saga of Attack on Titan continues, with the anime’s final episode slated for release on November 4. This 90-minute conclusion promises to be a monumental moment for fans, accessible through Crunchyroll. Whether one finds satisfaction or lingering questions in the series’ conclusion, it’s evident that Attack on Titan has more surprises in store for its devoted audience. With new manga volumes, an art book, and other releases, the journey is far from over.

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