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New Spy Classroom Manga Arc comes After 2nd and 3rd Parts Wrap Up

In the latest November issue of Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine, readers were treated to the thrilling conclusion of both the second and third installments of the manga adaptation of Takemachi’s Spy Classroom (Spy Kyōshitsu or Spy Room) light novel series.

Excitingly, the magazine also hinted at a forthcoming fourth part, with further details promised in the upcoming issue.

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Scheduled for release on November 17, Kadokawa will be unveiling the second compiled book volumes for both these gripping manga segments.

New Spy Classroom Manga Arc

Both the second and third parts of the manga made their debut in Monthly Comic Alive in June 2022, running in parallel. Benishake skillfully illustrated the adaptation of the second novel volume, while Kaname Seu returned to breathe life into the adaptation of the third volume.

Seu initiated the manga adaptation of the novels back in May 2020, concluding the captivating journey in April 2022.

Takemachi’s light novel series, adorned with enchanting illustrations by Tomari, had its inception in January 2020. In English, Yen Press is responsible for publishing both the light novel series and its manga rendition.

The narrative itself revolves around Klaus, an unconventional but highly successful spy, who is assembling a team for an audacious mission, one fraught with a staggering 90 percent chance of failure. Interestingly, his chosen comrades are all inexperienced misfits, and they must employ every conceivable trick, and perhaps even a few unconventional ones, to prove their mettle.

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Notably, this manga adaptation also served as the catalyst for an anime series, with its inaugural season premiering in Japan last January. HIDIVE, in parallel, provided streaming access to the series as it aired. The highly anticipated second season made its debut on July 13, with HIDIVE once again offering streaming services to eager fans.


Source | Monthly Comic Alive November issue

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