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New Unico: Awakening Manga by Scholastic’s Graphix Imprint Arriving Aug 6, 2024

Scholastic’s Graphix imprint has unveiled an exciting development: the release of “Unico: Awakening” (Unico: Mezame no Ohanashi), a fresh manga adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s beloved Unico series. Mark your calendars for August 6, 2024, as this eagerly anticipated manga, inspired by the original works, is set to captivate readers.

Comprising four volumes, a handbook, and an activity book, “Unico: Awakening” invites fans into a world where the artistry unfolds from left to right, echoing the traditional format of Tezuka’s original Unico manga.

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The creative talents behind this project are none other than the Gurihiru illustrator duo, known for their exceptional work on Marvel Comics’ “The Unbelievable Gwenpool,” the Power Pack comic series, and the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” comic series, among others.

Collaborating with them is Samuel Sattin, co-writer of “Crunchyroll Essential Anime: Fan Favorites” and “Memorable Masterpieces.” Their journey began with a Kickstarter campaign launched in May 2022, and within a remarkable 24 hours, they achieved their initial fundraising goal of US$50,000. By the campaign’s end, they had garnered an impressive total of US$179,794.

New Unico: Awakening Manga

At the heart of “Unico: Awakening” lies a reimagined narrative, drawing inspiration from Tezuka’s original storyline, “The Cat on the Broomstick.” Here, Unico forms an unlikely friendship with Chloe, a stray cat with a penchant for mistaking an elderly woman for a witch. When Chloe discovers Unico’s magical abilities, she implores him to grant her the fleeting experience of being human for brief moments each day, with one condition – she must never lose touch with her feline identity.

However, their idyllic existence is threatened when a formidable adversary, alongside the Goddess Venus, seeks to obliterate Unico. It falls upon the Spirit of the West Wind to embark on a cosmic quest to break Unico’s eternal cycle of suffering.

The core of the Unico saga revolves around a unique unicorn endowed with the power to aid those who hold him dear. Our titular hero traverses time and diverse lands in a quest to forge new friendships.

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For fans, this manga series evokes fond memories of the animated films “The Fantastic Adventures of Unico” (1981), directed by Toshio Hirata, and “Unico in the Island of Magic” (1983), helmed by Moribi Murano. With “Unico: Awakening,” a new chapter beckons, promising to enthrall both longtime devotees and newcomers to this enchanting world.


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