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Demon Slayer is Nezuko’s story. She plays a significant role in shaping many of the events. Because she was the catalyst for the storyline, it is no surprise. Nezuko in human form was shown as a caring, kind girl who would be more concerned about other people than herself. She is also a caring sibling to her siblings and brothers.

Nezuko’s undisputed personality is also indicative of her willpower. She would protect her loved ones against demons. She became a demon after being turned, and began to crave blood.

But, Tanjiro’s willingness to protect her from the Demon Slayer Corporation made it easy for Nezuko to take full control of her life. Nezuko also forgot some of her human history, which is why, even though she is in a demonic state, she was able to keep control of herself.

Even though she has been turned into a demonic being, she still loves people. Even though she is a demon, she has no fear of fighting and can withstand any temptation to eat flesh.

Because she is a demon, her speed has been affected. Although she attempts to speak every once in a while it is hard for her.

Nezuko’s Appearance

Nezuko, a young and cute girl, has white skin, long fangs and a hair color that is red-pinkish. Nezuko is blessed with beautiful, long hair that reaches her waist. When she’s in an area that has a lot of light, her big, pink eyes make her look stunning.

Tanjiro her brother said that Nezuko was considered the most beautiful girl from her hometown. She is wearing a light pink kimono, which has a hemp-leaf pattern. A dark-brown, long-sleeved haori runs down to her calves. Giyu provided a mouthpiece and she tied it around her jaw using a piece. She won’t be capable of biting anyone, even though she would like to.

After her transformation into a complete demon form against Daki’s, Nezuko saw her body mature and full of curves. Her hair reached her feet and she lost her mozz. Her horn was short and had a strange pattern. Kamado Nezuko, even in her demonic state, still looks exactly like her human self. Because of the high-quality effects, the Anime Nezuko looks better than her manga counterpart.

 Before becoming a demon, she looked very similar in both states. But she lacked basic demon characteristics like her red hair and pale pink eyes. Nezuko wore a similar kimono in human form. But it was with haori. We can conclude that Nezuko really is Demon Slayer’s most beautiful girl. Find the top Demon Slayer Merch in the US that delivers all around the world, where you’ll find a large selection of the best demon slayer clothing like Demon Slayer hoodie, swimsuits for summer occasions, as well a sweatshirts, shoes, hats, or beanies or coats during winter or at the mountains! You’ll also be able to choose between all our Demon Slayer shirts of the top quality and if you want more shiny stuff, then we got you covered with our Demon Slayer earrings!

Nezuko’s Powers & Abilities

General Abilities

Even though Nezuko was not part of the Twelve Kizuki family, her power is still known. Muzan even tried to hunt him for her. After receiving blood from Muzan, Nezuko was able to alter her size, defeat a lot demons with one attack and show her amazing abilities in a few situations.

Although she is young, Nezuko has amazing abilities and is an excellent fighter. So that gives you an idea of her potential strength, she was able defeat Temple Demon and Susumaru. Let’s now talk about the most famous Nezuko abilities.

Demon Awakened

Tanjiro, as well as Nezuko, are very gifted in Demon Slayer. Nezuko is able to go into her berserk state, which makes her look more demonish.

This form significantly increases Nezuko’s strength and endurance as well as speed and blood lust. After fighting with Daki, it became clear that Nezuko can regenerate quickly and could easily compete with strong Upper Moons such as Gyutaro and Daki.

Sunlight Resistance

Nezuko became completely immune to the sun after she fought Hantengu. Muzan did these experiments to find this kind of resistance. Nezuko has immunity to sunlight and can easily walk outside in the sun. Muzan had a different goal. He wanted to absorb Nezuko and become the king in the sun.

Immaculate Strength

Nezuko’s strength only grew when she faced her foes. Nezuko, despite not having any combat experience, is strong enough to overpower her opponents. This means there are no sly tricks. She would simply increase her strength and get rid of all her enemies.

Unlimited Regeneration

Nezuko is a demon with unlimited regeneration abilities. Although demons can suffer from slow regeneration, Nezuko’s ability to heal herself after her head has been cut is remarkable. She can attach her body parts as if they were Lego toys. Daki observed that Nezuko has regenerative abilities far more powerful than hers.

Blood Demon Art

Nezuko is quite impressive when it comes to her regenerative powers. This can be seen in her ability to set fire to demons to increase her attack or to eliminate Gyutaro’s poison, saving everyone from death. Also, she made Tanjiro’s Nichirin Sword bright red to give him strength and endurance when fighting Hantengu.

Facts about Nezuko Camado

Demon Slayer Anime Manga

Nezuko hopes for her family, Inosuke Zenitsu and her friends.

Nezuko is a master at rock,paper, and scissors. If they can’t agree on anything, she will always win the game. Konpieto is Nezuko’s favourite food. It is a Japanese sugarsweet. Tanjiro does not know how to braid Nezuko’s hair. Because of her beauty, her hair is messy and looks messy but flawless.


Nezuko’s height is 5’0″. Nezuko, who was only twelve years old at the time she became a demon, was not even born yet.

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