NieR:Automata & NIKKE: Goddess of Victory Mobile Game Team Up

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2023)

Six years have passed since the debut of NieR:Automata, yet its profound influence on gaming culture remains steadfast. Once again, the enigmatic 2B and her companions are poised to traverse into a new gaming realm—this time, within Level Infinite’s NIKKE: Goddess of Victory.

NieR:Automata & NIKKE: Goddess of Victory

An intriguing tidbit: both games not only share thematic similarities, but also feature the remarkable voice talent of Yui Ishikawa, lending her voice to Rapi in NIKKE and 2B in NieR:Automata.

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Mark your calendars for the collaborative extravaganza set to unfold from September 1 to September 27. Making their debut within the upcoming NIKKE event, 2B, A2, and Pascal are set to seamlessly integrate into the gameplay. Notably, 2B will showcase an entirely fresh weapon design, igniting anticipation among fans.

Stay tuned for further insights and rewards to be unveiled through official community channels, adding to the excitement of the crossover.

NIKKE ingeniously fuses the allure of gacha card collection with exhilarating shooter-style dynamics. Having debuted globally on both iOS and Android devices on November 4, the game also expanded its reach with a PC version in February, offering a unified login and enabling cross-play functionality between mobile and PC platforms.

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Noteworthy is Goddess of Victory: NIKKE’s previous collaboration with the animated Chainsaw Man series, underscoring the game’s penchant for captivating partnerships.


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