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“NIRVANA”: A New Indian Manga Infused with Japanese Flair

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2023)

The Indian comic scene is witnessing a historic moment as “Nirvana,” an unprecedented blend of Indian storytelling and Japanese manga aesthetics, prepares to make its grand debut. This trailblazing venture is brought to life by Cosmics, a promising comic book publishing start-up, and the brainchild of budding mangaka Abhirav (@abhirav_talks) and illustrator Animesh (@crackerjack404).

“Nirvana” pioneers a new fusion of cross-cultural narrative styles, transporting readers into a world where the ordinary collides with the extraordinary. Poised to hit the shelves in July, “Nirvana” embarks on an action-packed dark-fantasy and supernatural adventure.

The story unfolds around a seemingly average boy who yearns for simplicity but is thrust into an extraordinary journey when an unexpected event forever alters his life. As the first chapter launch approaches, the creative team is keeping the detailed plot under wraps, leaving fans in suspense and intrigue.

Echoing the captivating dynamism and rich visual narratives of Japanese shounen manga, “Nirvana” caters to fans of action, dark-fantasy, supernatural, and adventure genres. The impressive 68-page opening chapter alone promises an immersive reading experience.

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“Nirvana” marks a unique shift in the comic landscape, embodying a blend of artistic influences that transcends geographical borders. The manga will be available in paperback format across various online platforms and in bookstores, showcasing the team’s dedication to reaching a diverse array of manga enthusiasts.

But this is only the beginning. Cosmics is already hard at work crafting additional chapters of “Nirvana,” promising more thrilling adventures that push the boundaries of imagination and draw readers deeper into their extraordinary world.

The launch of “Nirvana” stands as an invitation to manga aficionados and curious readers alike to be part of this milestone moment in Indian manga history. For more information and updates, follow @cosmicsentertainment and join the celebration of this creative endeavour.

The journey into the world of “Nirvana” begins this July. Let’s support this extraordinary venture that represents a new wave in the Indian manga scene. Stay tuned and don’t miss the ride!


Source – Cosmics Entertainment Instagram via Email Correspondence

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